Signalling Options

Communication Options

Bell-Only Audible Alarm

This is generally the most basic option.

If the alarm is triggered, an audible alarm sounds to alert you – or a neighbour – that an intruder has entered (or is trying to enter) the property.

This type of system may be appropriate for most typical dwellings. However, it depends upon the location of the property. Is your property in a built-up area or within a housing development where people will hear the alarm sounding if triggered or is it in a rural location with no immediate neighbours?

Another point to consider is your lifestyle, are you away from home for extended periods? Or does your house/business contain content of high value.

For the system to be acceptable to your insurers it should always be fitted by a certificated installer to the relevant British Standards.

Voice Dialler

Using a phone line this can contact up to 4 numbers.

App control

Our app control system allows you to control your system from anywhere when you have a mobile data or internet signal. These systems can also alert you to set/unset the system and activate by text and audibly when there is an activation.

security system app control

Monitoring & Police Response

For increased security, you may wish to have your security system monitored.

A monitored alarm is one that is linked via the telephone line or cellular network or both to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC)

Monitored Systems

The system installed may be the same as (or similar to) a bells-only system, except that – when the alarm is activated – an integral modem informs the Alarm Receiving Centre via a burst of data much the same as a fax tone.

Dependent upon the signal received & the design of the Intruder Alarm System the Alarm Receiving Centre will be able to confirm if the alarm condition is unconfirmed (1 detector triggered) or Confirmed (2 detectors triggered) at which time the Police are alerted.

With this point in mind, it is important that the alarm is designed correctly to ensure that should a burglary occur the alarm will trigger 2 separate zones quickly before the intruder can get to far into the property.

It is important that the monitoring centre is recognised by the Police.

A unique reference number (URN) – which identified the premises – must be obtained by the Installing Company from the Police, when the system is installed.

To get this number, the installer and the monitoring centre must be registered with a certification body – such as the NSI

Monitored systems do not guarantee a Police response.

If it is reasonably certain that someone has entered the premises, it will be flagged as a confirmed activation. However, if a system has three false alarms in a year – four in Scotland – the URN will be revoked by the Police.

To be reconnected, evidence that the problem has been resolved must be provided to the Police within three months.

Types of Monitored System

Single or Dual Path IP Communication

This type of signalling is the future of alarm signalling, using either WiFi or GSM mobile networks or a combination of both to signal to a central point and then onto the police, if required.

This system can also be combined with your app control so that you have both self-monitoring and a police callout facility.

WiFi Card – App Control Communication

This will be a cheaper option than having a fully monitored system.

With the wifi card when the alarm is activated, the system will proceed to signal the securecomm system in Ireland and relay all communication to your smartphone audibly and by text to the alarm. If the phone line is cut or the broadband is disabled, no signal can be sent.

The APP allows for full control of your alarm system via the APP, you can bring up a virtual keypad allowing realtime live keypad controls.

The App also has a log record which can be sent via email if required

GSM – WiFi

This unit uses a world sim card which roams 4 x mobile networks to ensure the communication is constant 24-7, so if you have a power cut and the alarm is running on its battery it will still send a signal to your phone. This will run on the APP system too to allow full control of the system. This system also uses a wifi network.

Dial Caller

This will dial 4 numbers of your own choice via a phoneline connection.

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