Door Entry and Access Systems

Watson Alarms can offer a range of alternatives for Door Entry and Door Access Systems

Wireless battery doorbell units

The unit calls a mobile phone so you will never miss a call when your out with your property. The unit has a camera and an in-built microphone so you can see and hear anyone at your door.

Standalone systems

Independent prox/code/biometric units which can be fitted at most doors to allow secure access.

Networked door access systems

Allows for prox/code/biometric readers at doors to allow secure access. Ipad style monitors are fitted to allow full view and release of the doors. These can be networked to a pc package for full control and integration with our CCTV systems

Door entry systems

Our systems range from single button units to large multiple button systems for flats or offices. The units have integrated proximity capability to allow access with ipad style monitors fitted to allow full view and release of the doors.

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